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JULY 2020
Two business cards with Big House Bistro Logo designed by House of Marketing


Big House Bistro is a family-owned and wife + husband-operated business that serves a combination of comfort foods and sweet treats. Starting as a meal prep service for front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, they also provide catering and meal prep for individuals, families, holidays, and corporate events. 


Meal Prep & Catering


Based in Newport News, VA


Ultimate Brand Package


To design a professional brand identity and icons with a modern, minimal look, targeting local customers looking for reliable meal prep and catering services. Big House Bistro began providing food delivery for local hospital workers when the hospital kitchens were closed early due to COVID-19 restrictions, so it is important for them to connect with their audience through a brand that communicates consistency and dependability.

Light brown paper bags with labels for Big House Bistro designed by House of Marketing
Circle stickers of Big House Bistro logos designed by House of Marketing
Image by Kiwihug
Big House Bistro Appetizers.png
Big House Bistro Salad.png
Big House Bistro Entrees.png
Big House Bistro Side Dishes.png
Big House Bistro Breads.png
Big House Bistro Dips and Spreads.png
Big House Bistro Desserts.png
Big House Bistro Fonts
Big House Bistro Fonts
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