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There is always something we can do.

Even when you don't know where to begin,  that doesn't mean there isn't a place to start. There's no right or wrong, as long as you're taking action - big or small! Here are a some topics we will cover.


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Voter Knowledge

Register to Vote

Know Your Legislators

Research Officials

Local Prosecutors



Diversify Your Feeds.



Reparations For Slavery Now

  • We have the power to make reparations for slavery real with H.R. 40, a bill that would set up a commission to examine the institution of slavery and its impact and make recommendations for reparations to Congress. Support the bill here.

Petitions You Can Sign Now

  • Click here to view a list of petitions you can sign in minutes.



Be Honest with Yourself.

  • Acknowledge the systemic racism and your own privilege. This conversation has to begin within.

  • “White privilege exists as a direct result of both historic and enduring racism, biases, and practices     designed to oppress people of color.”

  • If you don’t understand or are confused in any way, do intense research and/or reach out to an advocate to help you understand.

Spark Conversations and Create Dialogue.

  • Firstly, know that this is not a political issue, but rather an issue of humanity and racial injustice.

  • Starting conversations on racism can be difficult when you haven't done it before. Make sure you are in a safe environment before talking with people, but do not be fearful of their response. Every situation is different, but difficult conversations are the most powerful ones. A single conversation with someone can plant a seed and influence a vote, ultimately saving a life. 

  • Start with your family and friends - the people who love and care for you the most. Be respectful of their opinions, and refrain from attacking them. It can be difficult, but it is necessary.


Buying Power

Buy from Black-Owned Businesses

Buy from black-owned businesses to promote, support, and inspire Black businesses, their owners, and the Black community-at-large.

Avoid Companies That Use Prison Labor

Every day in the US, over a million people go to work and make as little as two cents an hour or sometimes nothing at all. They're forced to produce and get punished if they refuse. Today, private corporations are profiting off the private prison labor industry, and legislation exists to continually increase the sentencing of prisoners.  Full list here.​​​

Companies to Avoid:

  • AT&T

  • BP

  • Bank of America

  • Bayer

  • Cargill

  • Caterpillar

  • Chevron

  • Chrysler

  • Costco

  • John Deere

  • Eli Lilly & Company

  • Exxon Mobil 

  • GlaxoSmithKline

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • K-Mart

  • Koch Industries

  • McDonald’s

  • Merck

  • Microsoft

  • Motorola

  • Nintendo

  • Pfizer

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Pepsi 

  • ConAgra Foods

  • Shell

  • Starbucks

  • UPS

  • Verizon

  • Victoria’s Secret

  • WalMart

  • Wendy’s

  • Whole Foods

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