We saw this little flower box walking down Granby St, and Misty took a picture of it for us. We looked up with hashtag when we got home and there's a really cool story behind it!⁠

💬 “The idea of crate flower boxes had been on my mind, but it then rapidly grew into painting them in Pride colors with a positive message on the side. Everyone could post photos of their crate gardens as they progressed, and collectively we’ll get to see our gardens grow.” - Rob Scheetz with OutWire757⁠

💛 I love seeing art projects like this in our communities because it catches our attention when our minds are focused on other things.⁠

🏳️‍🌈 "It’s so important for LGBTQ communities to have representation in public spaces as it promotes tolerance, acceptance, and lifts up those spirits with love and pride." - @WithLoveandPride