They say don’t mix business with family... but we didn’t listen 🙅🏻‍♀️⁠

Some people have asked us if it’s a smart decision to start running a business together, and the answer is: HELL YEAH IT IS!⁠

It might not be the best idea for all couples, but for us it was. Once we made the switch, we could start spending more time on the thing that matters most - BEING HUMAN.⁠

🔸 Honoring our emotional needs⁠

🔸 Creating our perfect schedule⁠

🔸 Prioritizing creative flow⁠

🔸 Taking full control of our finances⁠

🔸 Spending more time with our family⁠

🔸 Enjoying nice weather days⁠

🔸 Not dreading waking up in the morning⁠

It was honestly one of the best decisions we’ve made, but one 🔑 to long term success as a business duo is conflict management 😳⁠

❗️Know how to pick your battles⁠

❗️Communicate upfront & honestly⁠

❗️Admit when you made a mistake⁠

❗️Be solution driven⁠

❗️Compartmentalize your personal life from your business life (even if they sorta flow together)⁠

“Every action is infused with the energy that we bring to it.”⁠

If you have any advice for us or other couple-ran businesses, drop it in comments 👇🏼 We'd love to learn from you too!