It’s (kind of) our launch day! 👀🥳

Today marks Danielle’s first full year being self employed, and while we originally had a whole schedule mapped out to launch House of MKTG today, our plans have changed a little bit. Instead of the promos we planned, we wanted to take some time to share with you all how our company got started and what we’ve been doing this past year.

🌳 Planted over 200 trees in over 25 countries

💛 Helped launch a non-profit serving marginalized communities

🎓 Started a $1,000 scholarship fund for low-income, first-generation, and students with disabilities

💻 Designed 7 brands, 6 websites, and managed social media for 2 companies

🤩 Grew our team of 2 to a team of 9

🌍 & We’re in the process of becoming the first B-Corp certified company in our sector in VA

With lots of new and exciting things to share, we’re so grateful for all of your love, support, and encouragement.

Here’s to another year of success as we continue to grow House of MKTG through ethical and human-centered practices 💛