Meet Tae and Danielle 👋 In 2020, we launched House of MKTG full-time together, and things picked up quickly after, so we're finally taking the time to share more about ourselves! ⁠

(Doodle animation done by our talented niece 💛)⁠

Danielle (she/her) - CEO⁠

🌊 Born & raised in Virginia Beach⁠

🎨 Always been an art kid⁠

💻 Started freelancing in 2017⁠

🌞 Aries sun⁠

🎢 Loves rollercoasters but scared of heights⁠

🍝 Alfredo pasta lover⁠

🧘🏻‍♀️ Wants to meditate more often⁠

✨ Fun Fact: I built my first website when I was 10 years old!⁠

Tae (he/him) - COO⁠

✈️ Born in Japan, raised in South Korea, & grew up in RVA⁠

⚽️ Played soccer since 4th grade⁠

🎮 PlayStation over XBOX⁠

🌞 Sagittarius sun⁠

🦡 Loves honey badgers⁠

🍛 Spicy food lover⁠

🏄🏾‍♂️ Wants to learn how to surf⁠

✨ Fun Fact: I can fluently speak 3 languages!⁠

About Us⁠

🕷 Our anniversary falls on Spider-Man day⁠

🍿 We're huge MCU fans⁠

🛩 Traveled to 6/50 states together so far⁠

🐶 We're dog parents to Leo⁠

🪴 Our house is filled with plants & crystals⁠

Wanna learn more about us professionally? Click the link in our bio!