It might sound dramatic, but House of MKTG wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for Steve. ✨⁠

@Sophia.The.Strategist introduced us in 2019 after she designed the logo for @WoogWorks. Steve was my first social media management client, and boy have I learned a lot. ⁠

Steve was the perfect client because he was open to new ideas, but he also shared his opinions. I tried all different types of strategies and designs, and he was totally cool with it.⁠

👉 We launched his social media accounts⁠

👉 He made $20K+ after we launched his new website in 2020⁠

👉 Now we're working on a rebrand and upgraded site⁠

💬 "Not only is [Danielle] very bright and knowledgeable, but she takes the time to really understand what I wanted to accomplish with my business, not what she thought I should accomplish." - Steve Wohlgemuth