😅 This week has been pretty crazy... and in this very moment I'm sitting on the couch with my Christmas blanket studying for my FINAL final exam ever!!!⁠⠀


So what's been going on this week?⁠⠀


🗓 Our fence replacement was finished today⁠⠀

🗓 We started our bathroom reno (again)⁠⠀

🗓 I took 3 final exams⁠⠀

🗓 Client #1: Finished logo & branding⁠⠀

🗓 Client #2: Started website design⁠⠀

🗓 Client #3: Finished logo & branding⁠⠀

🗓 Client #4: Started new logo & branding⁠⠀

🗓 Signed a new contract with our photographer⁠⠀

🗓 Strategy call with Client #5 tonight⁠⠀

🗓 Client #2 photoshoot tomorrow⁠⠀

🗓 Consultation on Friday⁠⠀

🗓 Graduation on Saturday⁠⠀


and..... I'm taking my last final for my undergrad in 20 minutes 🥲 Yall, it has been a stressful week, but it's been filled with so many good things!!!⁠⠀


I had no idea what to post today because my brain is on a set schedule right now, but I thought it be a good idea to show some REAL bts of what life is like for us this week. ⠀

Who says you can't be productive while laying on the couch all day? 😂