🪵 Steve is the founder of @WoogWorks, and he was our very 1st client as we transitioned from freelance to full-time!⁠

Over the past couple of years, we've been able to completely transform his business!⁠

✨ Social Media Management⁠

✨ eCommerce Website⁠

✨ Rebranding⁠

Steve is a retired surgeon who spent over 30 years providing service to patients in need including many with breast cancer. As he reached retirement, he decided to spend his time on a hobby that was just a little too dangerous as a surgeon.⁠

Now that he is a full-time woodworker, Steve enjoys customizing products that are unique for every person. He says "if it's the right thing for the right person, that's what I like to do!"⁠

If you're interested in seeing the work he does, check out his Instagram @WoogWorks!