It all started as a side gig that turned into a full-time business.

House of MKTG is a minority woman-owned and remotely operated marketing & design company.

Meet the

Founder & CEO.

Danielle Johnson (she/her) was born and raised in the 757 and graduated from ODU as Magna Cum Laude with two degrees in Business Management and Lifespan Communications. She figured out how to download Photoshop when she was 10-years old, and the rest is history!


Danielle is the Secretary of AIGA Hampton Roads, a member of the Elizabeth River Trail Marketing Committee, and a Founding Partner of EmPower All.

"I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with all the different things that go into building a successful business. Trust me - I've been there many, many times. When I started the House of MKTG, I knew that I wanted to help people feel confident in their business and turn their experience into something they're proud of. Helping good people get the results they deserve is what makes my job so worth it!"

Meet the

Chief Operating Officer.

Tae Johnson (he/him) was born in Japan, raised in South Korea, and grew up in Richmond, VA. He graduated from ODU with a B.S.B.A in International Business with a minor in Management and even studied at the most prestigious private university in South Korea, Yonsei University.


As the COO, Tae oversees all of the back end operations at the House of MKTG. He turns our vision into actions and strategizes sustainable, long-term practices

Our Company Mantras

Connection over competition.

Lead with an abundance mindset.

Promote ethical & human-centered practices.

Fuel your growth with your passion.

Transparency + Integrity = Authenticity

House of MKTG is welcoming of all genders, races, countries of origin, sexual orientations, religions, & abilities.

Ready to make your business (even more) incredible?

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"Every action is infused with the energy that we bring to it."