An effective brand is much more than just a logo and pretty colors.

House of Marketing Branding

Brand Strategy.

A well-defined brand strategy leads to a consistent voice and identity. It helps build a stronger connection with your target audience and maximizes the potential of a design.

House of Marketing Brand Strategy


We start from the top and work our way down. First, we research your industry, then we dive into your niche. The ultimate goal is to identify the best strategy for your specific business and audience.

House of Marketing Brand Strategy


Once we have all the data, it's time to make sense of it all. Our team processes all of our findings to narrow down about 3 strong routes we can take.

House of Marketing Brand Strategy


Our team will deliver a thorough presentation to share our findings and hear your opinions. 

Following the report, we will make suggestions for your brand strategy, such as new tagline, personality, assets, etc.

House of Marketing Brand Strategy


When the final strategy has been defined, we will use it to guide us in the next process of the development of your new brand! Referring to the strategy to keep everything cohesive and effective.

Brand Identity.

With your strategy prepared, we can start developing your company's visual first impression! This is where we explore options for brand elements like logos, fonts, colors, and patterns.

House of Marketing Brand Identity


Using the market research from our strategy planning, we dive deeper into discovering new trends and current aesthetics that can help guide your new brand identity.

House of Marketing Brand Identity

Mood Boards

With so many options to choose from, our team will narrow down a few possible styles and present moodboards to determine the look and feel you're comfortable with.

House of Marketing Art Direction

Art Direction

Once we've narrowed down the options, it's time for us to make suggestions on details like color palettes, typography, photography styles, illustrations, etc.

House of Marketing Branding Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Aside from choosing what we want for the brand, we'll also define guidelines that should be followed to allow for a consistent brand throughout all of your assets.

Brand Assets.

Your brand doesn't just stop at your logo, colors, and fonts. Our team is fully stacked with the crew necessary to help you take your brand to the next level. Whether it's a promo video, a photoshoot, icons, or illustrations - we've got you covered!


Implement professional photography to highlight your brand's personality.


Engage with your audience through high quality video production.

Package Design

Differentiate your products in the market with custom packaging.

Social Media

Build relationships with your audience and showcase your brand.

Branding  FAQ.

What is a brand book?

The final product of our branding package is your company's brand book (aka your style guide). It will be used to set specific guidelines on the elements that should be portrayed in your brand - because rememeber, it's much more than just a logo. This can include, but is not limited to: your logo, colors, fonts, symbols, illustrations, photography (and how they should all be used). These elements can vary based on your company's needs.

I'm happy with my current logo, can I keep it?

Absolutely! If you already like your current logo, we can work arround it to refresh the rest of your brand's core, like fonts, colors, icons, etc. If you're up for it, our team can even refine your current logo to make a polished version that maximize your logo's timeless potential!

How long does the branding process take?

Because every company's needs are different, it really does depend on the scope. Our average timeline is about 4-6 weeks to include the strategy, design, and refinement stages. Be sure to reach out to us for a more accurate timeframe!

How much does a branding package cost?

There's a lot that goes into the strategy and design of a brand, so depending on factors like the size of the company, number of elements, additional brand assets, etc. the price can vary. Depending on the scope of the specific project, the average cost of a branding package can range anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000+.