Photo + Video

Creatively showcase your company's personality.

House of Marketing Photography and Videography
House of Marketing Photography


Implement professional photography to highlight your brand's personality.

House of Marketing Videography


Engage with your audience through high quality video production.

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Social Media Content

Build relationships with your audience and showcase your brand.

House of Marketing Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Turn bulky information into a concise visual form of communication.


Implement professional photography to highlight your brand's personality.

Product Photography

Product photos don't have to be basic. Our team will highlight your products to uniquely reflect your company's brand.

Lifestyle Photography

Capturing stories and real-life situations is the best way to share your brand's personality.

Creative Photography

Creative shots are useful for your social media or website. Our team will capture eye-catching shots that blend well with your brand.

Portrait Photography

Portraits can be awkward, and that's why our team works to make things fun & capture your true self (even if it's in front of a solid backdrop)!



Engage with your audience through high-quality video production.


Whether it's highlighting a product or service, or just promoting your brand, our team will find the most engaging parts of your story to showcase what makes you different. 


We believe in creating engaging content that will capture your audience's attention - even if it's long and informational. This is also a great opportunity to use custom motion graphics!

Social Media

Short-form content is essential for social media, especially when you're sharing informational content. We also include closed captions on all social content to make it more accessible.


Photo + Video FAQ.

What is the timeline of a video production?

A typical video production takes about a month and a half depending on the amount of revsions. The standard process is: 1) Coordinate production details 2) Begin production 3) 1st round of revisions 4) 2nd round of revisions 5) Final delivery

What is the timeline of a photoshoot?

After the day of the shoot, photo galleries will be available within about a week. All details for the shoot will be coordinated before the day of the shoot to maximize our timeline.

How much does a video or photoshoot cost?

- Photoshoots start at $350 - On-set video productions start at $2,000 - Social media videos start at $500 Each price varies based on the specific scope of the project, so be sure to reach out for a more accurate quote!